Interior design has shifted from more traditional styles you might see in a catalog into a reflection of the homeowner’s personality. Most homeowners today are moving toward open spaces and contemporary looks with an eclectic incorporation of rare and unique antique pieces, thereby reflecting their own experiences and beliefs.


Similarly, the role of antiques has evolved. They have gone from being a part of a collection, to becoming space enhancements. Historic and sentimental pieces are being beautifully integrated into home design, rather than being placed without rhyme or reason.


Boston Dane helps combine unique antiques with custom-made 20th century furniture. Many of these pieces can be incorporated into everyday homes to create a united and cohesive look. We believe that investing in an antique is the highest form of recycling and results in a better appreciation for that pieces history. Why was it built? Where did it come from? How did the piece get from one part of the country or world to where it is today? Who were the artists who worked tirelessly to create the masterpiece by hand?