French Bergere Chairs

A pair of original French Bergere Chairs were saved today..



These date to 1890’s and made their way to the United States by Polish immigrants. The story goes that the husband purchased these for his wife for their wedding. He wanted these well-made French walnut chairs with flowers in the center and open backs showing beautiful fabric.



They immigrated to the US through Ellis Island. Their clothing and these chairs were all that came with them. Over the years, the chairs were handed down to the next of kin. The current owner, granddaughter in her late 80’s, lives in Oceanside, California, and is in hospice waiting to cross over. She asked her son to make sure the chairs went to someone who would love them. Sadly, no one in the family wanted them and so they were rescued by me this morning. I will make sure they are loved and appreciated by the next owner. These are very well made, special chairs, hard to find pairs and for only $100 each, are a real steal.



The broken spindle will be fixed, wood given a nice coat of beeswax and new fabric put on soon. #bostondane


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