Widdicomb Gibbings Mid Century Modern Couch

We never miss a chance to go home. Visiting family and taking in the beauty of our home state of Massachusetts is always wonderful, and lucky for us, it’s also a great place to find furniture.
For a short three weeks a year, quaint Brimfield Massachusetts’ population of 3,000, grows to over 250,000 and boasts some of the most sought after antique finds in the world. It’s like a field of dreams for us, hunting the perfect pieces. The trip always promises a haul of fantastic finds…and this trip did not disappoint.
Our favorite find by far, was this Mid Century Modern authentic Widdicomb Gibbings Mid Century Modern Couch. In the midst of a treasure hunt, and needing a little TLC, we were so excited by the history (and popularity) of this piece.



Don’t be fooled by its current appearance, this beauty came from a home in New York City, and when spruced up a little, will blow you away. Its wooden frame is in remarkable shape and the Dutch linen cushions simply need to be cleaned. After we finish with it, it will fit perfectly in a number of different decor styles. Here’s an example.



The British born designer, Terrance Herold Robjon-Gibbings was truly ahead of his time, seeing beyond the over the top style of the day, keeping his designs simple and modern. Called one of the most important designers of the 1930’s & 1940’s, his work is described as a mix of Art Deco and Ancient Grecian styles, creating wonderfully modern furniture all his own. Due to recent publishing of some of his more obscure works, the demand for his pieces is quickly growing, as are the values and prices at auction houses. We are so excited to have one of his pieces in our collection.


We can’t wait to share the finished couch with you. Follow along on our journeys, as we find the needle in the haystack, the perfect piece, the most coveted furniture designs. Our job always promises a fascinating find.



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